About Us

About Us

We want to welcome you at the church where you find people who worship Jesus and are passionate about spreading His Word. Salvation is a gift that you can find in Jesus by following the mission that is established in our church: it’s simple and wonderful, and brings His Kingdom all over the world.

We Love God
We Believe in God

Spirituality is the Kingdom of Heaven not bread or drink but righteous through God through his son Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38)

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A Heart After Jesus

A New Book From Stella Graves

Developed by young people for young people, this short series of dynamic devotionals from the Passion generation captures the heart’s cry of believers who desire to live for God’s glory and fame. Morbi non sem lacus. Fusce consectetur congue odio, et vestibulum lacus blandit id. Nunc turpis sem sollicitudin.


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